CREDITS and miscellaneous notes:

I give credit to all the kats in the world for inspiring my inspiration ...

There's a probably a bunch of ideas and images on this site that someone deserves credit for but I have either forgotten to give it or I don't know who to give it too. sorry - please let me know of any ommissions ...


If this site looks little bit primitive, it is b/c it is - I am not employed or formally trained in any aspect of computers...


Home page image on bottom is adapted from  Takashi Ohno []


The image  'une carte postale de Paris' is a picture of a collage created by Barbara Lai Bennett. 
Barbara was born and raised in Hawai'i. 
She currently resides and works as a professional artist in Silverlake,  Los Angeles, CA.


All of the images in the ABECEDARIUM are from Old Fashioned Kat Illustrations  and  Steinlen Kats.   [Dover books]


The Homeland Kats reside on an estate in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, CA.


The in Memoriam Kats rest in peace in the grounds of the same estate.


Each month a different kat flag graces the front of the chat eau on the estate.
Many kat representations adorn the inside of the chat eau. 


The quilt kats were created by combining images from  Corel CD, Cats and Kittens. 
with quilts adapted from Pellman, The World of Amish Quilts. 
Flower power borrows and adapts images from Van Gogh, Hokusai, Cezanne, Renoir, Thornton, and Picasso..


Much inspiration and many techniques come from Kelby, Photoshop 7 Down and Dirty Tricks  and   Davis, Photoshop 7 WOW! Book and later versions of the same ...


The kats on  "One kat leads to another."  are from KittyPrint font by  Brian J. Bonislawsky  [freeware].


The  illustrations on  "There are no ordinary kats."  are from Buffon's Natural History.


My wife - who has severe OKD - is going to write a kat mystery which will appear on this site ...




The site design is mine and is constantly evolving as I try to figure out what I am doing in my life..


I hope that you too can experience the joie of kats ...  I guess that's my mission statement   ^ - ^  2005

comments are welcome ...